Toshi Satoji Design office is placed in Milan. In order to face the needs of the globalized market, the office consist of designers coming from several countries that bring different cultures, philosophies and experiences. Their goal is to put forward fresh, alternative ideas, different from those of other office teams. Primary to Toshi Satoji Design is the creation of the concept of design.


Toshiki Satoji is a Japanese product designer that lives in Milan. After working in the design field in Japan, he comes to Italy in 1992. He collaborates with many Italian design offices and in 1997 he founds in Milan the “Toshi Satoji Design” office. He has realized a huge number of products for several international companies both in Japan and in Italy. He got many awards in the world of design. Moreover, he teaches industrial design at the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED, European Institute of Design) of Milan.