Catania's underground - 1999
client  FIREMA

Breaking monotony

Designing Catania’s underground interiors, we have noticed that both maximum height and maximum width of the wagon remain unchanged. Simplifying ideally this concept the train is like an extrusion. In fact, if we cut a carriage at any point of its length, we can see that, despite its complicated shape, the section always remain the same. As a consequence the outline of the underground elements creates a pattern of parallel lines that appears boring to the passenger’s point of view. For this reason we have designed interiors that can break that monotony. Seats, in particular, reflect our concept since, visually, they are the most important object from a passenger’s perspective. However, the strict safety rules prevented us from changing the features of doors and windows. Giving to the back of seats a wavy dynamic outline, we  get different heights at each section, breaking the repetitive pattern of parallel lines. Furthermore, their chromatic shade, from sky-blue to dark-blue, recalls the Mediterranean Sea that is also the scenario of the route of this underground.

design by Toshiki Satoji with Peter Solomon

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