projector for soho - 2004
client  EPSON

Use instruction

The goal of this project consists in creating a projector with speakers and DVD included for the SOHO (Small Office, Home Office) target, that is to say for small companies and for the home field of the Japanese market. During our research, we have attended many business presentations an also several examples of use as home cinema. We have noticed that during company presentations the speaker handles the slides by the pc, taking place by the side of the projector, while the audience is placed facing the back of it. For what concerns the home use,  you generally sit on the sofa placing the projector in front of you, as it happens for the “company audience”. These are the two main ways of use reflected by the projector’s design. Dividing the object into two areas with a 45° cut on the top side, we get one part meant for the company use with connections and an interface to adjust the projection, and another part meant for the home use, in which the interface of video reproduction and the sound equipment to watch movies are included. In order to transmit visually the high quality of the speakers employed, we have designed the volume control drawing inspiration from the analogic professional stereo. Advanced design

design by Toshiki Satoji

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