scanner - 2008
client  FUJITSU / PFU


Our client entrusted us the task of designing the “ScanSnap” series flagship model, addressed to the business field, and expressly to those users that, needing to scan many documents at once, require an ADF (Auto Document Feeder) scanner. The first thing to notice in comparing an ADF scanner and an ordinary inkjet printer is that the two items, despite their different functions, aesthetically resemble each other. Conversely, we thought our object should have been different, so we decided to design it in order to be immediately distinguishable to users and not to be confused with a printer. Considering the functional perspective, the main difference between an ADF scanner and a printer, although they both have a sheet infeed and outfeed, is that in the former the core is the infeed (to receive the documents), while in the latter it is the outfeed (to release the printed sheets). With this concept in mind, we defined a brand new “iconic” style for the scanner, considering the two above-mentioned parts, bigger or smaller, according to their importance (more important means bigger, and viceversa): since in a scanner the infeed should be bigger than the outfeed, we gave it a funnel shape, contrariwise to what we would have done for a printer. As a consequence, we have enlarged the documents infeed as it coud ideally “swallow” a whole bundle of papers. In order to emphasize even more this aspect, the infeed is black and polished, in sharp contrast to the rest of the white, mat body. All of this made our scanner definitely different from any other ordinary inkjet printer.

design by Toshiki Satoji with Alvise Gangarossa

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