USB flash drive - 2006

The value of useless things

Can one leave important memory in a USB Flash Drive for a long time?
USB Flash Drive is generally used to transfer either files or pictures to somebody else. It’s normally used as a temporary device since its contents are soon deleted. Its success is due to the fact that it is cheap, thin, small, light-weight and easy to use. But, at the same time, this is also the reason why it is used with little attention. We think that perhaps what happens since the pictures or the data is stored is not so important. But there are also the important recollections, the unforgettable ones, those that you will remember your whole life, such as the wedding or the birth of our children. Would you really want to delete such unforgettable memories? Would you rather keep them in a cheap plastic USB Flash Drive or in a CD or DVD which can be afforded by everybody? Negligible and unforgettable memories are not the same thing. Our project began with this in mind. As we wanted our USB Flash Drive to be used with care and attention, we chose a precious, expensive, bulky and heavy material, that would be difficult to use. Our USB Flash Drive I similar to a puzzle where the memory is housed in the inner part of the body. Without disassembling the puzzle, you will never be able to access the memory that is stored inside. And once you store your unforgettable memory there, you must assemble the cube. This is exactly the opposite way that a common USB Flash Drive is used. Something very precious shouldn't be easy, in the same way an opera of art isn't. We wanted to highlight the significance of precious memories with this intricate and time-consuming movement. We didn't design the shape of an object rather we wanted to outline an action.

design by Toshiki Satoji with Katsuya Masaki

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