projector new use "Fantasma" - 2003
client  EPSON

Creating a new market

We carried out a research that finally showed how projectors employed as home cinema or employed to watch TV are unlikely to have a competitive market because of the success of flat televisions. Since it was impossible for us to get into the existing home entertainment market, we have decided to create a new one specially for our client, starting from the search of a new way of using projectors at home. In the western world, people usually invite a lot of friends at home to have parties, dinners and to watch all together the holidays’ pictures or to enjoy the match of their favourite team. Obviously, in these cases, if we used a traditional device laid on a table or on the floor, the showing would be disturbed by the unceasing bustle of people. Moreover, a projector meant to be used during parties would be too boring if it had a traditional appearance. These remarks brought about “Fantasma” ("ghost" in Italian), a projector designed to be hanged and screwed in the ceiling lamp connection instead of the light bulb, that projects from top to bottom and looks like a funny ghost. Advanced design

design by Toshiki Satoji with Sandie Cheng

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