Instant Movie Player - 2005
client  EPSON

Chopstick or cutlery?

Let’s imagine a Japanese dinner: participants use just a couple of “hashi” (chopsticks) to do a lot of actions: among other things they can take, tear and pierce food. In the western world, conversely, people use different kinds of cutlery (knives, forks, etc.) each with its specific function. If we bring this concept while comparing the Japanese and the European/American market, we can infer that a product meant for one can not have the same features of a product meant for the other. The goal of the project is to adapt an “all in one projector” (with speakers and DVD included) available in the home theatre field for basic users of the Japanese market, to the European/American market. For what concerns the first version, designers chose just one colour, white, very esteemed in the Japanese culture. The speakers sides, the DVD and the whole body were white too, in order to make the device look like a compact piece: there wass no clear distinction among its functions, and these could be hardly recognized at first sight. This is the reason why the product didn’t suit the European/American market. Considering the previous remarks, the second version of the projector has been designed highlighting the functions of the different parts as it happens with the western cutlery. In order to do this we chose to conceive the projector with just one function for each side, exploiting the shape of the cube, whose parts are emphasised by a high chromatic contrast (black-white) that allows to distinguish them clearly. Advanced design

design by Toshiki Satoji

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