mobile phone aluminium Ø 60mm - 2003
client  Panasonic

Beauty in imperfection...the one off

Panasonic has decided to entrust us with the project of a new top-level mobile phone. At first, we tried to think when, nowadays, an object can be considered a valuable one. With the coming of industrial design the value of a product has become its reproducibility in thousands of pieces with the same quality features. However nowadays things have changed. For instance, let's consider that if you own a very expensive object, and that is mass-produced, it doesn't matter how expensive it is, it's clear that someone owns the exact copy of yours. Conversely, if you think about a handcrafted bowl of an artist, it is surely imperfect than the one created in a factory, and it's for this reason that it becomes more precious. In short, the most exclusive products are the handcrafted ones, because they are imperfect and one-offs. We wanted to apply this concept to the project of a mass-product, creating imperfections on it surfaces that could make it valuable and unique. In order to get what we wanted, we let the screws visible on purpose, so as to stress the attention on the assembly of the parts and, furthermore, we have exploited a chemical corrosion process on the perfect mobile surfaces, that gave each piece a different look. Basically, the same thing that occurs to vintage jeans made particular and unique by the wear and tear of time. Through this project we wanted to express the value of the unique piece today, beautiful because imperfect, applying this concept to the production of a mass-product.

design by Toshiki Satoji

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